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SmartBase® E‑commerce The e-shop that grows with your business

Do you expect your customer numbers to grow? Are you planning to expand your product catalogue? Are you thinking of expanding into other markets? With its flexible core, SmartBase E-commerce will keep pace with your business growth over the long term. Its strong technological base will support your business, so you can be sure technological limits will not hold you back.
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Switching to top speed

By continuous optimisation according to the latest Google standards, we keep SmartBase E-commerce among the fastest e-shops.

Customers enjoy the high speed and a better shopping experience. A slow e-shop means low traffic and increases the bounce rate. And let’s face it, customers may be put off by slow loading web pages when making a purchase. On the other hand, a fast web page means a higher search position and keeps customers’ interest until they have completed their purchase.

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The only e-shop you will need

Your new supplier can’t provide you with the right export format? Are you thinking of changing your business system? Do you want to use a new foreign start-up to plan your deliveries? Integration is no problem with SmartBase E-commerce. Instead of “it can’t be done”, we will show you how to do it!

Shopping as an experience

Intuitive shopping that offers customers all they need.

Using usability analyses, we have tuned the purchasing process to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Make use of a number of product filtering options without page reloading for easy navigation. Try the alternative product view in the catalogue and other options. All this has been designed with SEO in mind.

Uniqueness that poses a challenge

Each of us is different. Each customer has different ideas or expectations. This is why we adapt the e-shop design to your ideas.

We create tailored purchasing processes, but can also handle a complex process configuration. To verify our solutions, we offer AB testing. Finding the right alternative for your customers will help increase sales conversion. And this is what we aim for.


Search that will also find your keys

No, we are not going to look for your keys, although our smart full-text search can handle many things?

It can search in real time with language optimisation, such as ignoring typos, automatic completion of searched for phrases and partial search.

By searching in various types of content simultaneously, it provides relevant results from several sources, eg product categories or blogs.


The easiest CMS control because there is beauty in simplicity

You won’t need to learn how to use a complex admin interface.

You will be able to manage your e-shop yourself using our content management system. A simple double-click where you need to edit will open up unlimited possibilities. Why make it complicated when it almost works on its own?

Animácia jednoduchosti úpravy obsahu pomocou CMS systému

Product configurator like a Lego kit

If you sell customised products, the product configurator will let you expand your catalogue and offer a variety of combinations. No matter how complicated the pricing formula, customers will see the final product price when placing their order.


Selection of individual components with advanced graphics will give customers the freedom to put together their dream product and will give you a competitive advantage in the production or sale of customisable products. Fast speed even with a large number of configurable products every time.

Detail konfigurovateľného produktu jednoducho zobrazuje všetky možnosti voľby


Technology without limits

SmartBase E-commerce is built on the Python language and the Django framework, used by Instagram, Spotify and YouTube. Extremely fast Elasticsearch can cope with a large number of products. Elasticsearch allows filtering, which is also used by popular services such as Netflix, LinkedIn or Facebook. By using Docker containers and automated scripts, new versions can be deployed with almost no interruption of business operations.

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