SmartBase® Mobile Stockkeeper Efficiency for the modern warehouse operation

Imagine doing stocktaking during business operations. Not possible? Well, not for Mobile Stockkeeper. It can clean up your warehouse and put things in order, and also match the numbers and goods. With QR codes as assistants, it can prepare and plan any order. SmartBase® Mobile Stockkeeper brings efficiency to day-to-day warehouse operation. On a tablet, mobile phone or other device, it shows current orders ready to be released from stock.

QR Code Support

QR and barcode support for products and documents.


Business Hours Stocktaking

Partial and complete stocktaking during your business hours.


Seamless Onboarding

Application guides warehouse worker to complete the tasks.


WMS Integrations

Application works as a warehouse management system extension.

Stocktaking that doesn’t stop business operations

In the past, stocktaking meant interrupting business operations.

But now there is Mobile Stockkeeper, which means no stop for stocktaking. During stocktaking, the stockkeeper checks stock items, adjusts records of stock levels, and corrects stock locations. All this during full business operation. Partial or full stocktaking no longer interrupts normal business operations.

I search, you search, QR code searches

Mobile Stockkeeper has QR and bar code support implemented for each product or document search.

Using a QR code, a stockkeeper can tick off the delivery note being stocked without having to rewrite it. It can be placed in stock by simply scanning the goods. And when preparing goods for release, mistakes are prevented that could result in the loading of the wrong goods.

No more human error

Mobile Stockkeeper systemises warehouses and makes warehousing processes clearer.

It is based on a very simple principle. By scanning a document, it navigates a stockkeeper precisely through document handling, which makes training a stockkeeper easier and lowers the error rate. It can handle stock transfer, complaints and payment at a customer’s business. It is a smart stockkeeper’s assistant that introduces a comprehensive system into order processing and delivery.

Flexible integrity, or combining different worlds

Mobile Stockkeeper works with every warehouse management system

Being flexible, it can be integrated with any system and operate as a warehouse management add-on. This means all accounting records are created in the warehouse management system, so your accounting and tax records will be unchanged. The ideal partner for your business system!

Planning without compromise

Mobile Stockkeeper’s dashboard is the right place for simple order planning and allocation to various drivers.

But the options do not end with goods delivery. Thanks to POS terminal integration, drivers can collect cash-on-delivery, modify delivery notes in the event of damaged goods, or only release part of the goods with the rest released after restocking.
This functionality requires less back office work, which will certainly be appreciated.

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