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4ka – mobile devices

Our task was to present the product range of mobile devices on the web to the customers of the 4ka mobile operator. First, we leveraged our e-commerce experience and helped specify important elements of the product web presentation and then undertook a UX analysis of the device selection process.

Product presentation

In the presentation of the devices, we created the option of conveying product information as an elegant storytelling module and the option to display important product features as eye-catching elements in the catalogue and product detail.

Selection process tailored to clients’ needs

An important element was connecting the newly-created range of mobile devices to the existing range of mobile operator services. In addition to commonly used product catalogue elements, we included in the design the option to dynamically change the selected purchase attributes, such as a selected service, device repayment period or the device itself.

We linked the new product catalogue to the existing service offer and technically connected it to the existing system. The result is a smooth process of selecting the operator’s product and related services.


monthly tariff configurations and devices


months from assignment to delivery

Telefóny Apple iPhone SE 2020 64 GB Black

Inovation first

Digital innovation in a business environment is a powerful means of creating added value for end customers. Therefore, we created a simple and clear way to buy a mobile device in combination with a monthly tariff that can be purchased over the internet. The whole process is fast, clear and easy, using a desktop or mobile device.

Selected technologies for the most optimal result

We prepared the mobile devices sale section for the client systematically, and it is organised with particular emphasis on clarity and simplicity for end users. We relied on proven PHP/HTML/CSS/JS technologies to increase website speed and make it available in areas with slower internet connection. Docker provides seamless development, adaptation and addition of new functionalities by quick updates of the existing 4ka.sk website.

Xiaomi Redmi 8 64 GB Onyx Black (1)
Telefóny (1)
Xiaomi Redmi 8 64 GB Onyx Black
Xiaomi Redmi 8 64 GB Onyx Black (2)
We used our know-how from the e-commerce world to counteract the forces in the mobile operator market.

Peter Žabka

Project Manager SmartBase

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