A comprehensive integrated online portal of the ProSpánek brand for 4 European markets

Core Development, E-commerce, Webdesign

ProSpánek approached us with a vision of a comprehensive integrated online portal for sales via the e-shop and via bricks and mortar stores. In banking and fintech environments, such an integration of different channels (in this case sales channels) is known as an omnichannel approach. The benefits are indisputable, both in terms of the flexibility and maintainability of such an online portal.


Operation in 4 countries


experience stores


Customer-oriented design

Before the design phase of the project, we analysed user behaviour on the previous version of the website. We used all the collected data as the basis for an extensive UX audit. We identified weaknesses in terms of user experience, designed solutions to these issues and recommended business improvements based on the principles of behavioural economics.


In line with recommendations and data, we developed the visual of the new e-shop. Since one of the findings was that more than 50% of users visit PreSpánok websites using their mobile devices, we focused specifically on the mobile version of the website.

Configurable products according to customer needs

ProSpánek has always been customer focussed and gives customers the option of choosing a mattress or bed exactly according to their individual needs in the store. Our advanced product configurator enabled ProSpánek to expand their online catalogue to include millions of possible combinations of sizes, designs and other features. In addition, the configurator also provided an exactly calculated price based on which customers could decide.
For sales assistants, the configurator improved the availability of information and eliminated the need to laboriously calculate the price for atypical dimensions, as was the case before. An item from the configurator was only created in the ERP system when the related order was created, so it did not overload important product data with generated combinations

One integrated channel for company sales

Using an integrated sales channel makes it possible to offer the same experience to customers in the store and in the online space. ProSpánek sales assistants can create offers for their customers, who can then return to offers and confirm them.
Moreover, purchases made by customers in store will also be transferred to their online account, where they can track their order status. This channel can be effectively used by the call centre, which can easily obtain the required data when communicating with customers.


Easier expansion into other sales markets

A unified system for in-store activity makes expansion easier. Training employees in various countries is less demanding, as they can use the same processes, such as centrally set promotions, delivery times, etc. The subsequent registration of an order and its administration in the ERP software can take place in accordance with applicable legislation, as necessary. This high flexibility saves costs and reduces the barrier to expanding business into other countries.

Everything for the customer

ProSpánek is a strongly customer-oriented company and their new online portal had to reflect this. Whether it was the option for customers to complete the offer received in the store in the comfort of their home, the option to set the delivery date according to their own preferences, the option to configure products, or the option to pay for goods in instalments and payment methods, the customer always came first.

Switching to top speed

By continuous optimisation according to the latest Google standards, the ProSpánek e-shop maintains its position as one of the fastest e-shops. Customers enjoy the high speed and a better shopping experience. Speed is also an important metric for website ranking in Google search. A slow e-shop means lower traffic and an increased bounce rate and customers may be put off by slow-loading web pages when making a purchase. A fast web page thus not only means a higher search position, but also keeps customers’ interest until they have completed their purchase.

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