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Kitchen sinks you will want to buy

At the beginning there was the idea and vision of the ambitious company, Webniture. Customer-oriented design, smooth purchasing process from entry to the website to order completion and an automated purchasing process from the supplier.

SmartBase created a multi-brand e-shop portal that offers kitchen sinks, taps and accessories, as well as flexibly generated product sets. Developers, analysts, graphic designers and consultants joined together to transform the idea into a live e-shop.

35 000+

products in the catalogue

5 rokov

cooperation with the client

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The deployment of cutting-edge technology was only the first step on the long journey of this ambitious project. More and more ideas were generated and the vision of the final version was gradually shaped. We tested it on target group customers. Once tested, the e-shop was given the green light and was put directly into production mode, which can be found on www.drezydokuchyne.sk.

Personalised purchasing process

Purchasing process optimisation with regard to UX and UI represented a challenge. It had to be simple and complex at the same time.

The simple three-step process must include everything, while also providing space to upsell products that customers might like based on their basket contents.

webniture-order webniture-order2

Selected technologies for the most optimal result

Our e-shop development process was methodological, organised, but most importantly relaxed. The basic functionality and the core of the store was created in Python. Elasticsearch ensured excellent searchability of individual products and categories. The use of Vue.js increased the front-end speed by removing the need to reload changes made by end customers (for example, changing colour, filters, basket contents). Advanced testing tools, such as Selenium, enabled us to develop, adapt and add new functionalities to the already deployed e-shop safely and smoothly. We used Docker in the project to easily deploy the system to external services, primarily to the cloud.

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Kamil Kušnirák

CEO & Cofounder at SmartBase

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