FixShop - e-shop for equipment servicing and spare part sales specialist

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Project overview

We created an e-shop for equipment servicing and spare part sales specialists to link service with instruction manuals. Together with FixShop, we developed this idea to create an integrated concept throughout the portal.

Full service

FixShop.eu is not just an ordinary e-shop. It also offers a complete range of servicing provided by the company. Customers can see the exact price and type of service they need, including its duration. If they cannot decide, there is the option of equipment diagnostics. To ensure the greatest convenience, customers can order a courier to collect their device.

18 598

products in the e-shop

3 482

serviced devices

50 133

service tasks


repair instructions


Multiple ways to the products

For spare parts, it is not easy to guess if a customer will search for a specific spare part by its name, numeric code, device type, or by its parameters. The sophisticated category structure, along with a wide range of filtering options and elastic search allows customers to find what they are looking for in all these ways.

Compatibility of spare parts

Some spare parts are compatible with dozens of devices, although they are not designed specifically for these devices. To ensure flexibility, customers will find these products with each compatible device indicating the name and description of the device so they can make sure they choose the right spare part.

Everything for DIY handymen. Instructions, spare parts and repair tools

In addition to professional repair services, the e-shop also has an educational section explaining to non-professionals how to repair devices themselves. The necessary tools and spare parts are linked to instructions and customers can simply order everything they need and be sure it is compatible.

E-shop for everyone, whether you are a professional, enthusiast or a first timer

FixShop is built so that everyone can find what they need. Professional repair shops can quickly buy their usual supplies, using goods codes, search, and product card display. Enthusiasts who want to repair devices themselves, will enjoy the tools and instructions attached to their chosen spare parts. And ordinary customers have the option to have their phone professionally repaired.

Technologies used

The project uses SmartBase E-shop, powered by the latest stable versions of the Python framework Django and Django CMS. Fast and high-availability deployment of new versions is provided by a combination of automated scripts and Docker. Advanced search and filtering are built on the advanced Elasticsearch solution. All technologies are regularly updated to ensure the highest stability and security of the whole system. The e-shop is integrated via an API with the ERP system provided by AN Systems.

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