Digital transformation of one of the largest Slovak furniture retailers

Core Development, E-commerce, UI Design, UX analýza, Webdesign

About the Kondela project

The Kondela project started as a standard replacement of an older e-shop solution with a new one.

However, our cooperation showed great potential for online sales and with our joint efforts, the project functionalities have been growing, which has supported expansion into other countries


increase in e-shop sales


Operation in 5 countries

11 036

products in the catalogue


Marketing options

Kondela is packed with technologies to increase conversion rates, including configurable discounts, gifts with products, automatically generated discount coupons, and features to visually appeal to customers, such as conditional product banners and tags.


Interactive stores

In order to bring the outstanding e-shop experience to stores, together with Kondela team, we created an in-store kiosk project, displaying the e-shop on a large touch screen.


This allows sales assistants and customers to view products or colour variants that are not currently available in store, while also making it possible to open smaller stores with a basic range and expand the network to smaller towns.

Sale of unwrapped goods as a green and cheaper solution for customers

One of the new options offered by the Kondela project is the sale of unwrapped goods. Linking individual items, including new, unwrapped, but also returned or damaged items, allows customers to choose the variant that best suits their needs.


Expansion into other markets

Since the beginning of our cooperation, the kondela.sk e-shop has expanded into 4 other countries. All this is built on a common core that allows easy management and set-up of individual variations.


Thanks to the sophisticated server structure, the e-shop is easily able to serve all countries. This makes expansion simple and ensures an early return on the necessary investment.

A/B testing through integration of the Exponea tool

Advanced A/B testing is possible thanks to the in-depth integration of the Exponea tool, which tests individual experiments and their conversion based on anonymous e-shop data. With A/B testing, Kondela is continually becoming a better and a more convenient place for customers to shop.


360° photos and 3D models available to customers online

Together with team Kondela, we have built a unique platform for taking photos of products from all angles and the subsequent generation of high-quality 3D models.


These photos and models allow customers to better view the product and using our AR application they can view products in their own homes.

Focus on user

Detailed design and UX, together with extensive functionality create the best customer experience, which was recognised by kondela.sk winning the Shop of the Year 2019 award in the Furniture and Home & Garden categories:

  • Cena kvality 2019 v kategórií Nábytok
  • Cena kvality 2019 v kategórií Dom a záhrada
  • Cena kvality 2020 v kategórií Nábytok
  • Cena popularity 2020 v kategórii Dom a záhrada

Technologies used

The project uses the latest SmartBase Eshop version, which is powered by the latest stable versions of the Python framework, Django and Django CMS. Automated scripts and the cluster servers on which the project is deployed ensure fast and high-availability deployment of new versions.
Thanks to a cluster that replicates all the services used, Kondela is also resistant to data centre outages and hardware failures. Advanced filtering is built on the advanced Elasticsearch solution.
All technologies are regularly updated to ensure the highest stability and security of the whole system.

In short, cooperation with SmartBase has been good. No extreme praise, but I definitely have nothing to complain about. Overall, I would give you high marks (between 2 and 2-) on your report card, which I think is fine and almost excellent :)

Ing. Veronika Ferulíková

Director of E-commerce Kondela

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