Redesign and development of iOS and Android apps for the Sport.Video multimedia platform

App development, UI Design


About theSport.Video multimedia platform

Sport.Video is the simplest way to capture and share the highlights of sports matches online in real time. All a user needs is a smartphone.The platform allows users to record, produce, distribute and market sports highlights and helps clubs to connect with new sponsors.


After we designed the web version of the platform for displaying highlights, a client approached us who wanted to redesign their current mobile apps. The mobile apps are designed solely for creating content – recording highlights.The challenge was to create attractive, functional apps that are user-friendly and native for both iOS and Android platforms.


Our task was to prepare a mobile app interface for recording the highlights of sports matches, which would be intuitive for the target group and would reflect the visual identity of the client’s brand. The design challenge was to prepare a design that could be used on both iOS and Android platforms and as consistent as possible across all mobile platforms and the web app.

In phase one, we worked on the user flow within the app together with the client. We created high fidelity wireframes based on which a clickable prototype was prepared. This made it much easier for the entire team, including the client and developers, to understand how a user would move in the app, and to identify critical issues.

After eliminating the defects, we prepared a UI kit with the identity of the Sport.Video brand, which contained all the elements that we continued to use in the app. When creating the Android version, we modified the primary navigation, due to the different use of these two systems and in line with best practices.


Android and iOS app versions available for download

We also helped the client to place the apps on marketplaces. Both apps are already available for free download from Google Play and App Store.
Sport.Video v Google Play StoreSport.Video na App Store

Technologies used

Sport.Video uses a customised app powered by the latest stable versions of the Python framework Django and Django CMS. Fast and high-availability deployment of new versions is provided by a combination of automated scripts and Docker. Advanced search and filtration are built on the advanced Elasticsearch solution. All technologies are regularly updated to ensure the highest stability and security of the whole system.

Complete platform for everyone

Sport.Video combines the ability to view videos on the online portal with content viewing apps and a film app for sports cameramen. This is a complete package for promoting sports while providing users with a convenient space to spend time, where it is easy to watch the most interesting events of the day.

Watch your audience

With advanced dashboards directly integrated in the platform, clubs and leagues have an overview of their marketing potential, which allows them to build a stronger identity. The option of inserting their own ads into videos offers opportunities for monetizing the potential of amateur sport.

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